SOXMILE is a compound word of sox which means socks and smile which means laugh. This brand is created by 3 business partners. We have known each since 2010 and we have run our own business respectively. When we visited the exposition of China in February 2015, president of Ttodaesanggak, Mr. Gang said that “I would like to handle big sized socks. When I sold big sized socks for a while, my customer appreciated so much and “Please keep the business. Don’t stop selling!” I remember their feedback so clearly”. The reason is that big sized socks are hard to be found. However, big sized socks disappear so quickly. Because there are so few demanders.

Due to this word, we debated over the night. we were in huge worry between realistic question that “How many people who have bigger feet than others?,” “Can we have profitability?” and the desire “To feel worthy from the business”.

Then, we resolved that “Let’s make (socks)” in front of glass. Because there is no more border in shopping these days. So, there may be demanders for big sized socks. Also, we don’t want to run the business to sell simply the product.

Perhaps this experience would be our corporate philosophy. Even though it is not nicely arranged, but… the company that can hold minority in outside, the company which have large insight of viewing the market, the company that can laugh with consumers….’

SOXMILE, we’d love to become this kind of firm. Please stay with us! Thank you! ^^